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April 19, 2010 Board Meeting
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Westcliff Condominiums is a complex built in the early '70s. The first phase was completed in 1973. The complex was a gated type community with a clubhouse, tennis courts, park area, basketball court and pool. In 2007 the pool, tennis courts, basketball court and all fencing were re-painted and refurbished. Also, the parking areas have been resurfaced.

There has been a lot of updating on the landscaping but we still have a lot of work to do! We would like to work on the clubhouse, painting, changing the lights on the porch, etc. If you see something you think needs work - let me know!

There are several different floorplans in the condos, with many of them having changes made by the original owners during construction.  The two story units are either about 1400 sq. feet or 1700 sq. feet. Some of the 1700 sq. foot units have three bedrooms and a dining area and some lost the dining room for a fourth bedroom.





Here is our complex in the summer and with snow on the ground. Doesn't happen often !

There are four units to a building with a hallway in the center for the front entrances. The two front units are one story two bedrooms with either 1.5 baths or a "hollywood" style bath. (Some owners may have even had two baths built). The back two units are two story. Most buildings have a smaller unit on one side and the larger unit on the other. The upstairs consists of two bedrooms and one bath. There are a few units that are three story and one is about 2400 sq. feet. Every unit is unique. Some have original fixtures - cabinetry, bathtubs, etc... others have been remodeled.

The residents of Westcliff Condominiums are friendly and helpful. There are seasonal happenings - such as a Christmas Dinner, summer cookouts at the pool, and  "garage" sales in the clubhouse.  The neighborhood is quiet and close to good schools, but is also a great place for older residents to live and not have to worry about yardwork! 
We are located just off of Watson Blvd.  Just head up the hill beside Shahensha restaurant and Pop's at the Top you'll find us.  A quiet oasis in the heart of town.

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