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Westcliff Condominiums

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Online Newsletter

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January 2009 Newsletter

303 Westcliff Circle, Warner Robins GA 31093   478-923-5182                              _____________________________

PRESIDENT, Eddie Barnhart 

V-PRESIDENT, Rick Gunderman

SECRETARY, Kelly Joyner          TREASURER, Robin

Mbr-at-Large, Lib Barnhart 



Event                                Date


Board Meeting               February 16, 2009


All owners are welcome to attend – but if you want to add an item to the agenda – please provide it in writing to the Board by placing your notice in the office door slot or mailing it to the office AT LEAST seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting.                                                                                                                                        


Agenda for the Next Board Meeting: 

Minutes Read

Treasurer’s Report

Old Business

New Business:

Rules for Rental Units

Some Ideas:

            Photo IDs or security cards

            Pool monitor summer 2009

            Fencing in pool

            Start Committees

            Summer season “Pool Open” Party

            Potluck Dinners

            Steak Night


We didn’t have any takers for the first monthly cookout, but we will try again soon. I’ll get flyers out earlier next time around! Please contact me at if you are willing to assist!!!!!



Since we have yet to be able to get enough people involved to have some type of complex get together – I’m going to try it again. The pool will open in May, usually Memorial Day Weekend. As such, I would love for us to have a cookout/tiki party at the pool to celebrate. Please email me at  the email address below   if you are willing to help set this up!


I really hope we have a good turnout!




Remember our Club House is available for Holiday and Family Celebrations

Birthdays, Weddings, (any excuse for a party, right?)


Rental rates: $50 for home owners; $75 for tenants; $300 for others + $250 refundable deposit if left clean and no other damages.  Rental time is 4 hours + an hour for set up and an hour for clean up. 


Well, it seems like the locks were promptly stolen after we gave out the combination to residents and we are back to square one with trying to come up with a security system for the complex.


As every owner knows, the Board was forced to levy a special assessment this year because we can not get enough owners to attend the annual meeting to take care of business. The Board is trying to improve the complex and in turn protect every owner’s investment, but without your assistance we are just beating our heads against a brick wall. I NEED IDEAS!


Please check out the Lake Wildwood website:


These people have done so much to improve their neighborhood, there’s no reason we can’t do the same. One thing I would love to add to our website and newsletter is a “Words from the Pew” section. This is a direct shout out to Rev. Bruce Brookshire! Why not write a column for us? As a matter of fact, I would love to add columns to this newsletter – political, neighborhood news, News from the International City, police blotter, anything. Why not practice your journalistic skills here???



Wondering what you can do to improve the quality of life at Westcliff?          




There have been some issues lately with the rules established here at Westcliff Condos.  The situation is this – when the Association was created in 1973 a Declaration was filed with Houston County Superior Court that outlined the rules and regulations of the complex.  These rules were further documented by the creation of the By Laws.  These rules have been in effect for 34 years and every resident and owner has been provided a copy. (If you can’t find yours, let me know and I will provide another copy).  Now, the Board is charged with the duty of ensuring these rules are followed evenly and across the Board, even if we disagree with a rule. Therefore, the Board has decided to make sure that every owner and every renter is aware of these rules and that they will be enforced in the future.  We have also decided that some of the rules may not be necessary now, BUT the Board does not have the authority to change the rules. Therefore, one of the items on the agenda of the yearly meeting will be to address our By Laws.


A few of the rules that are currently being ignored:

Renters owning pets.

Owners replacing pets that have died or been removed from the property.

Pet owners not being responsible for their pets.

Items kept on patios that are against the rules.

Residents utilizing the complex facilities without purchasing a tag. 

Units being rented without the renters being approved by the Board.

Owners not providing renters’ information to the Board. There is a packet of paperwork that should be filled out and returned every time a unit is rented. That is the responsibility of the owner.


PLEASE get involved with your Association.

This is the agenda that your Board wants to achieve:

 Place the interest of the community above that of individual owners

  1. Enforce the rules, change or eliminate them
  2. Try to achieve consensus with the general members on important issues
  3. Openness and communication with other owners


But we need your help! Without input from owners on a regular basis, we just don’t know what you think needs to be done and what issues need to be addressed.


Also – if you have an email address and would like the newsletter emailed to you, please send me a short email to


I keep losing email addresses that I write down or people give me, so this way I can immediately add you to my contact list. Thanks



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